Immigrant Radio repudiates hate, racism, homophobia, and violence in all its forms. Immigrant Radio is a community that celebrates the beauty and the strength of immigration, promoting the added value that comes with ethnic, religious, linguistic, and sexual diversity in all its expressive forms. Immigrant Radio is a platform of independent activists that promotes education to the values of hospitality, integration, and respect of diversity through a cultural events program in the fields of art, music, theatre, politics, literature, journalism, and cuisine in collaboration with people and organizations that share the same goals. Immigrant Radio broadcasts periodically from Mulberry Street, the Little Italy of New York, which has been for centuries a crucial neighborhood for the hospitality, survival, and stability of the immigrants coming from all over the world, a melting pot of cultures and a diversity oasis.



The agony of the West expresses the worst nationalist last breath. The 20th-century society, finished, collapses lifeless in the hate’s delirious suicide: racism, Nazism, xenophobe populism. But on the ashes of fear a new word is rising, where white and black, breaking the barriers of the visible spectrum, will coexist creating new colors never existed before. A new world without borders, power, and totalitarianism. A new world without deportations, walls and barriers; without asylum-seekers, refugees, illegal immigrants and drowned people. A new world, where diversity is an advantage, hospitality is the rule, a minority is an asset to protect from the majority. Where violence in all its forms is forbidden. Where dialogue is the only weapon allowed. Where who is the last wins and who is the first is off the podium and applauds. Immigration is the source of ideas, the human revolution, the energy engine of this upcoming momentous change in which each of us through our behavior has a crucial role. Let’s leave behind terror, divest prejudice, hug each other and build integration. Let’s let the richness of the unknown enter our routine poor on life. Let’s trust who risked everything to join us in the “glorious West”, the vivid dream of every immigrant that turn out being an oppressive nightmare. Let’s share time, space and resources and better each other. Let’s show the light of humanity to whom lives in the darkness of shallowness, ignorance, and hate. Let’s rise again from this intellectual standstill with works worthy of our times. Let’s face together the fear of change in order to not stagnate in the horror. Let’s grant individual freedom protecting the rights of the individual. The transfiguration of the West has started, the splendor of the next civilization dazzles the limitation of education: the real wall is inside us, Let’s tear it down and let the future come in or we will be crushed by its ruins.